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Red Hook Marina & Upland
Development Assessment


Today, the Red Hook Waterfront, in Brooklyn, is once again a vibrant community and economic asset. The waterfront includes the presence of a heavily utilized cruise terminal, substantial retail, and expanded manufacturing activity; it is the centerpiece of a revitalized neighborhood.



Through the 1950s and early ‘60s, the Red Hook waterfront was one of Brooklyn’s principal economic drivers with cargo piers where vessels from all over the world docked to both import foreign goods to New York and to export manufactured products abroad. New York manufacturing began its long decline starting in the 1960s and ships grew to a size where they could no longer be accommodated at the Red Hook Piers. The piers were largely abandoned and fell into disrepair. One of the key economic drivers in Brooklyn ceased to exist.

Lambert Advisory provided real estate and economic input into the master planning associated with the redevelopment of Brooklyn's Red Hook waterfront area. Reuse plans included the development of a working waterfront, retail, residential, and a cruise terminal. The analysis also included the conceptual development of a recreational marina adjacent to the cruise terminal.



New York City Economic Development Corporation






Real Estate Advisory,
Economic & Community Development



Brooklyn, NY

Cruise Facility Development at Brooklyn Piers

Cruise Facility Development at Brooklyn Piers


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