Data Guided Strategy

Brisas de Amador Mixed-Use
Resort Development


The mix and quality of development proposed aimed to establish Brisas de Amador as one of the premier mixed-use resort communities in Panama and the broader region. Since the the onset of the initial planning process, there has been retail and luxury condominium development within Fort Amador. 



Fort Amador is a former U.S. Army base situated at the southern end of the Panama Canal in Panama Bay, Panama.  The island is situated roughly 5+ miles from the core of Panama City, a city that has recently experienced exponential growth as a result of the recent widening of the canal.

Brisas de Amador represents a mixed-use resort community located on Fort Amador, offering expansive views of Panama City and Panama Bay. Lambert Advisory was engaged as the real estate market and financial consultant early in the planning phases of the resort community. Our primary objective was to assist the development team in identifying the current and prospective level of market demand for a range of real estate uses including resort hotel, marina, retail, and casino development.



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Panama City, Panama


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