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Dubai Maritime City
Marina Development Assessment


Today, the Dubai Maritime City Marina consistently stands out as one of the most successful marinas in Dubai adding tremendous value to the residential and commercial components of the project.



Dubai Maritime City is the largest waterfront mixed-use development in the Middle East with more than 25 million square feet of land. A significant portion of the project is devoted to residential mixed-use activity around a large marina.

Lambert provided market services related to the development of the pleasure boat marina within the Dubai Maritime City in Dubai, UAE. The analysis focused on recreational vessels between 30 feet and 90 feet in length and, the majority of which would be vessels owned by residents or workers in the development. Dubai Maritime City also aimed to become a major boat repair/building center to accommodate large boats over 90 feet. This analysis assessed both the underlying support for the development of slips to accommodate the standard boat market and slips to accommodate mega-yachts, as well as boats above 90 feet in length in need of repair and retrofit.



Dubai Maritime City






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Dubai, UAE


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