Who We Are


For over two decades, Lambert Advisory has dedicated itself to helping communities thrive.


Founded in 1995, Lambert Advisory is an internationally recognized real estate and economic advisory firm. Established on a foundation of knowledge, data, and experience, Lambert works collaboratively with clients and partners to transform places and build stronger communities.

We are passionate about the work we do and are vested in positively impacting people’s lives and contributing to the communities in which we work through data guided strategies. We are considerate and aware of client and community needs and are steadfast in our dedication to each individual project and its outcomes.

Our history of proven success and long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues has yielded the trust and loyalty of these partnerships. Most importantly, Lambert Advisory’s work has always been built on a foundation of deep research. Our research, and pragmatic approach to applying that research, affords us the ability to offer clients educated and objective guidance based on the most robust information available.

Whether we're working at home or abroad, we approach all we do with objectivity, diligence, and care.