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Lambert, engaged by MANA to develop an investor package; raise upwards of $1.0 billion in capital.


MANA has hired Lambert Advisory to identify and structure an investment of upwards of $1.0 billion in MANA Commons.

The MANA Group, a New York and Miami-based holding company owned by Moishe Mana includes among its assets GRM, the third-largest document management company in the world; Milk Studios, one of the nation’s most celebrated fashion media companies and brands; Mana Contemporary, the art world’s leading 450,000 square foot hub in Jersey City; and large contiguous real estate holdings in several of the most dynamic neighborhoods of Jersey City, Miami, and Chicago with millions of square feet of built space and tens of millions of square feet of additional approved density.

The MANA is seeking an investment partner to complete MANA Commons, a strategic effort to rapidly create economically and otherwise healthy, thriving, and resilient core neighborhoods of cities.

MANA Commons is organized around the principle that a strategically targeted neighborhood revitalization effort can be significantly accelerated and rapidly build value to the benefit of the community and investors.  This is in direct contrast to the traditional model of neighborhood revitalization which occurs in fits-and-starts and is usually dependent upon the action of multiple small disorganized real estate investors and government.

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